Thursday, 31 May 2012

Learn HTML with the help of Mozilla Webmaker

Before I was a blogger, I was not exactly into HTML. I know a smattering of HTML and found W3Schools as a good resource for someone who is new to learning web designing.

Mozilla has launched Webmaker, which actually allows users to get regular tutorials and projects that will teach coding and designing for the web.

Why should one sign up with Mozilla Webmaker?

Mozilla first will users with some free tools to learn how to create webpages. Most of them should be compatible with Firefox browser.

Many practical projects at starter level will be made available. This actually makes a lot of sense for people teaching themselves HTML, CSS and more.

Mozilla wants everyone to be a coder!

It seems that Mozilla's mission with webmaker is to make everyone into a programming geek. I think that is not possible but it will help people who want to learn something to atleast a decent level, so when they look at say a HTML code, they are not completely overwhelmed.

What do you think of Mozilla's latest initiative? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Mozilla Webmaker

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4 Presentation Apps for Android Smartphones

Sales is the name of the game even if you think of yourself as a person not involved in sales in any way. Because no matter what profession you have, you still have something to sell...

Here are 4 great presentation apps for Android smartphones to take your presentation to the next level.
Brainshark Video Presentations
Brainshark Video Presentations is a great app to help grow your marketing campaigns. With it, you can present the best picture of yourself and your products. Simply upload your files, PowerPoint or other to the Brainshark web site.Then,either call in to the web site to add your voice narration or upload an MP3.
Once created, share your presentation's link via social media sites, email or anywhere else the whole web over. From your Brainshark account, you will be able to control and tweak your presentation, and thus to fine tune your presentation strategy.

IncSlide-Live Presentation

IncSlide-Live  Presentation has an easy to follow user interface. It empowers the user to create effective and memorable presentations with content uploaded in the standard file formats. The intuitive layout of the presentation options makes it easy for you to quickly add and edit your content.
There is an in app image editor that will enable you to get the best look for your image files. The included auto save feature assures that your work is protected against accidental erasure. Other impressive attributes are photo search, zoom and wide screen.

Mighty Meeting

MightyMeeting is a nice solution for those that wish to give presentations on their Android smartphone but would rather not do all of the work of creating their presentation on the phone itself. The app permits access to a cloud-based service to where you upload your completed work.
Once your presentation has been uploaded to the MightyMeeting web site, it is easily accessed on demand for showing on your Android device. The basic account for this useful convenience is free. There is also a pay version of the account for $4.99 a month that is available for users wishing to take advantage of a more robust set of features.

ThinkFree Office Mobile

ThinkFree Office Mobile is an all in one office app that includes a terrific presentation application called 'Show'. It supports all of the PowerPoint formats for convenient interfacing with MS Office. This makes it extremely versatile, because you are able to either create your presentation from the ground up right on your smart phone or access an existing presentation from MS Office.
Show's 'Launcher' screen allows easy access to the app with a simple task menu from where you are ready to open a presentation. The Launcher screen may be edited for a more personalized appearance.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Google+ Local Allows Users to Rate Local Businesses

Google has always been keen and is pretty good at serving up locally relevant search results. One of the best ways to check for local stuff is Google Places. Now with the announcement of Google+ Local, Google is adding a social layer to it.

Just visit if you when you are on Google plus. You will see locally relevant places categorised under Restaurants, Hotels, bars and places of entertainment.

I could leave a detailed review of the places I found on Google+ Local. The review actually ends up being published under your Google+ profile name. Anonymous reviews are not allowed so that spamming does not happen.

Google+ Local is a replacement for Google Places

Google+ Local will replace Google Places and that means a lot of SEO experts will be interested. It will also make it necessary for businesses to have official Google+ pages.

I guess Google will have to get this really right for mobile phones as more people tend to look for local information on their smartphones rather than a desktop browser.

Here is the video demo of Google+ Local

I have often seen a lot of my friends use Facebook check-in, when they visit a restaurant or some popular place. This is a nice way to share with your friends where you are. But it does not seem to allow me to search for what my friends think of local places of businesses. So maybe Facebook is losing a trick here.

Will Google+ Local get you using Google+ a lot more? Do drop in your comments.

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We're Back! | MAGGadget

After over months of being away in touch with all of our fans and followers , we, at Maggadget , are pleased to announce that we're once again back to load up you guys with all the latest stuff and gadgets feed from around the ...

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First Ever PC Game.

1981. The legendary DONKEY.BAS game which was the first ever PC game.

A short video clip of the game:

In an earlier entry, we read about Bill's deal with IBM for MS-DOS and the launch of PC in 1981:

Along with the MS-DOS deal with IBM, Bill had agreed to provide BASIC as well which could be used to write simple programs. During the contract, IBM wanted this project to be confidential and hence had insisted Bill and his colleagues to use the IBM-PC prototypes only in locked rooms. Just a few days before launch, Bill & another co-programmer named Neil Thompson were the only ones who were using the prototypes for last minute touch-ups. At 4 in the morning, Bill realized that providing just BASIC without any sample demo would not make justice to such a great IBM machine. Bill shared this concern with Neil, and in a flash, they started writing a simple game. In just a matter of few minutes, the program was ready and and the game was all set to play. This was shipped as an addon to the BASIC in IBM PC and the game became popular across all age groups for a long time.

When the IBM PC was launched with much fanfare, Steve Jobs on the other side of the industry and still working on his flagship product (Macintosh) asked his team to buy an IBM PC from the store and find out if it could be of threat to his business. Steve never never left any stone unturned when it came to attacking IBM. Earlier when IBM had revealed their intentions of finally stepping into the PC industry, Apple had reacted with a full page ad:

When his team purchased and demonstrated the PC to Jobs' and his team, everybody heaved a sigh of relief because they thought it was "shoddy", "immature" and lacking in elegance which in no way would pose a threat to their Macintosh. Since the Donkey game was included in the PC, they opened it and had a gala time laughing over it. They reverse engineered the game program to extract it's source code and found that Bill had proudly mentioned his name along with Neil in the comments on top of the code. They were surprised to see that such a "bad" game was co-authored by Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.
You can read more about the Apple team's reaction about the game here:

You can download the game from the following link (Remade using QBasic but has the same look and feel as the original. It is an EXE file and your antivirus sw might suspect it as a virus. Go ahead and download it. I have validated that link and the game works fine)

(This was the first game I played when I started using the PC in mid 90s and has been one of my favourites along with Prince).

31 years later, in 2012, the same game has been remade by XVision for iPhone/iPad & WP7 as a homage to the original game. Although criticized by expert programmers for the "shoddy job", Bill Gates has always been very proud to proclaim it as his creation. Here is a recent photo which shows him playing the game on a tablet:

You can find the remade game in appstores here:



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New Facebook Feature For Developers Shows Game Previews In …

New Facebook Feature For Developers Shows Game Previews In News Feed [Updates] http :// feeds . MakeUseOf. Cool Websites, Software and Internet ...

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Enable Publishing Google+ Posts on your Orkut Profile

Five years ago, I was not on Facebook or Twitter. MySpace was not something I cared of either. Social networking meant being on Orkut. Orkut was special because as a popular social product in India, it actually ended up getting me in touch with my friends from school.

Lately, I have not checked my Orkut profile for months on end while I check my other social profiles atleast once daily.

Today, Orkut rolled out a new feature that allows users to link their Google+ profiles with their Orkut profiles.

Login to your Orkut account and ideally you should see the option to link it with your Google+ account as seen in the screenshot above.

Now Allow your Google+ public posts to be published on Orkut.

You will notice that your old Orkut profile image has been replaced with the one from Google+.

Is it the end of Orkut?

Considering Orkut still has millions of active users and Google+ is still relatively modestly successful, I did not really think Orkut would be closed down by Google. But options like this one and also other previous features like importing photos from Orkut to Google+ actually allow users to sort of co-opt Orkut into their Google+ profile. Orkut might not close down anytime soon but it seems like the beginning of the end for it.

Do drop in your comments.

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Find YouTube Videos Related To Your Nearby Areas

It may be possible that a celebrity is living in your locality.It means a person who upload videos on YouTube.It may be possible that the videos of school,parks,temple of your locality exist on YouTube and you are totally unaware of this.But now you can easily find YouTube videos related to your nearby areas.A new web app 'Videos Near Me' has been introduced,by which you can find the videos.Actually this app takes help of YouTube geo-tagging and shows the videos of location that you choose on Google map(in a range of 2 miles).

How to get 'Videos Near Me'

  • For this first of all go to the link given below:
  • Now you will see Google map on the top.
  • Here select your location by dragging the red marker.
  • After that all the videos in the range of 2 miles of the location that you have chosen will be shown.

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5 Great Websites To Upload And Share Large Files

It often happens that we need to share files online with several people like our friends, family members, etc. File Sharing has always been a tough task if we always opt for Sending files through Mail Attachments. As it's not always easy to do so because most Email Service Providers do not provide options to send large files (maximum 60 MB) and as such it's a tough task to share files online. However, if you are a Person seeking for a better alternative to share files online with your Several friends, then you are the right place, buddy. 

As you know that if Email Service Providers are not that convenient to fulfill your Online file Sharing needs, then it's obvious that you will turn out to File Sharing Sites.  And that is why Today I would be listing Top 5 Handy Websites To Upload And Share Large Files. Here we go with the Best Suggested Sites which help you to upload and share Large Files Online.

(1) Dropbox


The most Popular File Sharing tools and an awesome synchronization tool that is in trend nowadays and it's been nowadays considered by users as the Simplest way to Share and Upload files Online. However, when you use when you create a Free Account, it gives you 2 GB free Space and later on it can be upgraded but you need to pay for it but it's worth the penny. Well, this dropbox technology is Super Simple to use and it comes with a application you need to install on your computer and then create a free account which will give you a free Space of 2 GB. So, Share 2 GB files easily with your friends. It also has an option to get URL of the file you uploaded and share it with your friends you want to share. 

It is also a convenient tool to host your files on the Web.  File Dropper also Makes it Super Simple to use as it provides you to upload files up to 5 GB of any type from your Computer and it will give you a URL which you can share publicly with your friends, etc. or to whoever you would like to share. However, it's uploading speed is good enough to upload large files. This site is super simple to use to as you can easily upload files up to 5 GB in one GO. 

(3) Senduit             

5 Great Websites To Upload And Share Large Files

One of the pleasureful file hosting site is Senduit because of it's advanced features of privacy and technical features too. Like, the main use of Senduit is made for only Private Purposes. Only those people can view it who have uploaded it and it's for all kinds of private file sharing. However, this site has an advanced technical feature which provides an option of "Expire in" means you can decide the time in which you want the file to be expired according to your own requirement or convenience. However, files cannot stay long on this or forever as they will be deleted for sure within the given period of time.


This site can be quite user-friendly for all people as it comes with User-friendly features. Like, it has various features like you can send files up to 2 GB. It also provides options to send files of almost all formats. So, it's quite convenient source of sharing files. You need not require any Software to Install and it's totally free to use to send file up to 2 GB. So, store your files online and share them easily using DropSend.


                                  is another name that comes in Most people's mind when we talk about uploading sharing files online with your family members or friends. Well, it very simple to use as it it's free account provides 2 GB of free Storage Account.  So, crate an account and it requires few minimal steps and get an easy options to upload and share files up to 2 GB online. So, you Share any Number of files in Seconds using

Enjoy Guys! We shared some of the best file sharing Sites which make our work convenient and easy to use. If you have any other or you want to share any advise about this post, do share your views via comments. 

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Cheap .COM Domain GODADDY $1.17

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PROMO CODE:  indy500

Credit:Do Not Crak

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Earn Money By Viewing Adds

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3. Complete the Profile
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5. Memory Booster game

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Only One Account per PC/Household is allowed on this site else they will ban u.

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